Nikica Karavida was born in Novigrad in 1896.

In 1917, as a member of the Austro-Hungarian military and on the Galician front during the First World War, Nikica lost his right leg to a landmine. For the rest of his life he wore a wooden limb. During his rehabilitation he attended an amateur photography course.

His first photographs in Novigrad were shot in 1919. 

Being the first public photographer in the wider Novigrad area, he was occupied with documenting most of the public events held there. In particular he was dedicated documenting people from all layers of society. With almost every photograph he took, a person features on it, even if they are hidden. 

During the Second World War, with the Italian occupation of Novigrad and area, his photographic equipment was confiscated. That signified the end of his photographic career. From that time on, until his death in 1979 he didn't shoot a single photograph. 

Thanks to his great nephew's family, together with couple of other enthusiasts, Nikica's photographs, as well as some of his original negatives that survived the last war and occupation in the region, are still with us today. 

He was married but never had children.